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 American Bulldog Breeder -- 100% Johnson and Johnson Type American Bulldogs 

 American Bulldog Breeders find nothing more satisfying than producing a litter of quality American Bulldog Puppies that will develop into a solid working American Bulldog or a guardian and a great family pet.

We at Indian Branch Kennels are dedicated to the preservation and further development of the Johnson American Bulldog. We continue to strive for only the best. Our focus is to produce a powerful, yet balanced American bulldog with a very muscular body representing the standards created by John D. Johnson. The Real American Bulldog is very stocky, athletic and imposing. At IBK we are striving to breed medium to large framed, healthy, bully type, large head, with a wide front end and hips, sound temperament, and high drive American bulldogs.

Indian Branch Kennels is located in Sylvania, Georgia which is in southeast Georgia, located half way between Savannah and Augusta

I have bred and raised all types of dogs for over 40 years.  I was 10 years old when I received my first pack of beagles from my grandfather. I learned how to breed from my grandfather who had some of the best fox dogs in southeast Georgia. I raised and bred beagles, and later black and tan and treeing walker coon hounds.  I have produced five night champions and two grand night champions. I was also a hog hunting guide for 8 years and used southern black mouth curs, pit bulldogs, and American bulldogs.
I have had some outstanding dogs and I have had some sorry dogs. I know when breeding dogs you must try to breed the best traits with the best traits and with the bloodlines that cross the best. Then hope for the best! When this doesn’t work but you learn from your mistakes.

When Indian Branch Kennels became interested in breeding American Bulldogs we began by contacting Mr. John D. Johnson and Scott and Susie Weaver of John D. Johnson Kennels.  We have learned a lot over the years and are appreciative to helpful and extremely knowledgeable people like Mr. Johnson, the Weaver’s and many fellow breeders. 

Please contact us at any time or stop by for a visit if you are in our area.  We are always happy to hear from everyone and love to talk about our dogs.



Mitchell, Kim, and Mitch Durden


About the Johnson American Bulldog

 The Johnson American Bulldog is a breed of dog unlike any other;

their sheer strength and courage coupled with their undying

loyalty and devotion make them the ultimate breed of dog for

the general public and serious canine enthusiast alike. The

modern American Bulldog is believed to have descended from

the colossus breeds of ancient history similar to other mastiff

breeds. The American Bulldogs earliest history is virtually

unknown and little if any recorded records exist. The first

documented history relating to the American Bulldog was during

the late 19th century. Dogs resembling today’s American

Bulldogs were used in Europe, specifically England, as

"butcher dogs" and guardians. These dogs were by no means

pets, but rather utility dogs bred and raised for specific duties.

These duties included baiting unruly cattle and swine along

with guarding property against thievery. These tasks required

a dog that feared no man or beast alive, but was still loyal and

obedient to their master and keeper. These traits still exist with

the Johnson, and Johnson type American Bulldog.

Since the early "butcher dogs" the American Bulldog had nearly

gone extinct and until recently experienced an evolutionary

rebirth. This rebirth is due in large part to two dedicated

individuals; John D. Johnson and Mildred L. Johnson. In the

mid 1940’s, John D., as he is known to friends, began collecting

the best representations of Bulldogs he remembered from his

youth. John D. was also instrumental in renaming the breed

from American Pit Bulldog to American Bulldog. He was also the

first breeder to have his dogs officially registered. Aside from

these accomplishments it was John and Mildred’s breeding

program that had the greatest impact in the preservation of the

American Bulldog. They were pivotal in creating the legendary

bloodlines of Dick the Bruiser, Big Buck, Rebel Rousier, The

Machines and many more. It was their female lines of Collettes,

Sugar Dolls and Sugar Tuffies that when bred produced the big

boned pups that mature into the 100 lbs. "The real American

Bulldogs" Johnson is known for.


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